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I always loved "those blue dogs" even as a kid -- if my dad ever asked my opinion on a dog I wanted one of those  "blue" ones. I didn't realize they came in RED until we started looking for a dog for my son for his 13th birthday in 1993 -  that's when Krok joined our family.  Having that cute, little red puppy in the house brought a whole new series of experiences -- herding training, trialing and conformation shows.  Needless to say, over time, Krok went from being Maury's dog to being my dog and he was with me for almost 10 years. And the rest as they say is history.....

Then about eight years ago I was claimed by a little black and tan girl.  CLK Callie joined the family and brought with her a whole new set of experiences.  I am still working on speaking "Kelpie" but the journey is fun.  She has been joined by Kage and Kiss who you will see in our Future.

Please get to know the Past, Present and Future dogs of Dreamcatcher as you visit our site.  Bred for  performance these dogs never cease to amaze me with their intelligence, good humor and loyalty. 

Please enjoy your visit  and visit again soon to see what the Dogs of Dreamcatcher have been up to.

Toni Crites
Dreamcatcher Kennel
Located in beautiful Eastern Oregon

There are some simple truths ... and the dogs know what they are.

Joseph Duemer
WELCOME ... Enjoy your Visit

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